This roadmap outlines boot priority areas for development and a list of crucial knowledge-intensive technologies

*Source: «Фармацевтический вестник».

The President of Russia greenlit a roadmap for scientific and technological advancement. Notably, it emphasizes the development of new-generation drugs and platforms, alongside technologies for creating high-purity chemicals used in pharmaceuticals. The government now faces the task of determining funding levels and development procedures for these initiatives.

On June 18th, 2024, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed Decree No. 529, which officially establishes a list of priority areas for scientific and technological development alongside the most critical knowledge-intensive technologies. The decree became effective immediately.

The decree mandates the government to establish funding levels and development procedures within three months. This will accelerate the adoption of knowledge-intensive technologies in the economy. Additionally, within six months, the government will undertake activities to ensure that these priority areas for scientific and technological development, along with the identified knowledge-intensive technologies, are implemented in a unified manner as part of state policy.

This initiative highlights several focus areas:

  • Personalised and preventative medicine: This emphasises proactive healthcare and treatments tailored to individual needs.
  • Technologies for healthy aging: This includes biomedical and cognitive tools to promote well-being and active lifestyles in older adults.
  • Next-generation drugs and platforms: Development of cutting-edge treatments, including biotechnology, high-tech, and radiopharmaceutical drugs.
  • Personalised nutrition: Technologies for creating customized dietary plans to enhance health.
  • Advanced medical devices: This includes biohybrid, bionic, and neurotechnologies for improved medical care.
  • New veterinary drugs: Development of treatments geared towards preventing and managing infectious diseases in livestock.
  • Low-tonnage chemical production: This focuses on creating highly purified substances for use in pharmaceuticals, energy, and microelectronics.

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