Representatives of the companies who took part in the exhibition shared their reviews

The 24th Pharmtech & Ingredients Exhibition was held on November 22-25, 2022. During the days of the exhibition, our team gained video reviews from Russian and foreign pharmaceutical market participants who presented their products at the exhibition.

Valery Kreer, IMA EST «IMA is the oldest company with over 60 years on the market. The exhibition is a place where we have live communication with our customers and with all players in the pharmaceutical market, and holding a lot of meetings in a short time is very important and invaluable for us. In my opinion, this exhibition is very useful for all market participants. That's why we will be happy to keep participating in these events».

Sergey Ilyukhin, MARCHESINI GROUP «Marchesini Group Rus company, have been participating in the Pharmtech exhibition for several years. We consider this platform very important for meetings with our clients, for discussing current and new business projects. It gives us understanding where the market is moving, what trends exist. It is always better to meet with clients and suppliers in person than to communicate online. To date, the situation is not very simple, there are a number of conditions that must be followed working in the Russian Federation. Following the rules and existing laws, we are still present on the market, we have strengthened our service team in order to help our clients - manufacturers of medicines. This year, the participating format is helding more like a meetings, the communication is live. Despite the difficult situation, we are still present on the market, we carry out commissioning and maintenance of equipment, we try to support our clients. We hope that all our partners and clients will be there these days, many have already confirmed their presence, we already have several scheduled meetings».

Zhu Hanjun, Sinopharmtech (China) «Hello, I am the general director of Sinopharmtech. This is not the first time we have taken part in the exhibition. The first time was in 2007, and since then our company exhibits every year. I haven't been in Russia, in Moscow, for two years. We communicate with partners and customers via email and zoom. But for me it's very good that I came, that I have a chance to talk to customers in person, it is very helpful to us. Pharmtech is a very professional exhibition in the pharmaceutical industry. We are grateful for the well-organized exhibition. Pharmtech brings us the chance to start cooperating with Russian companies. The Russian market is developing rapidly, we help local manufacturers to establish state-of-the-art pharmaceutical plants in Russia. We hope that in this area our company will be a reliable and long-term partner. Many European companies have left the Russian market. China is now a reliable and long-term partner with Russia. So we think that cooperation with the Russian market will be promising both for our company and for our country».

Narendra Kabra, Vidya Rus (India) «Vidya Rus (India) company supplies natural plant extracts and raw materials. When we first decided to exhibit at Pharmtech, we gained a lot of customer contacts. Now, four years later, our sales are good. The exhibition contributed to the growth of our business in Russia».