The 24th Pharmtech & Ingredients International Exposition of Equipment, Raw Materials and Technologies for Pharmaceutical Industry will be held in Crocus Expo IEC (International Exhibition Centre) from 22 to 25 of November of 2022

Being one of the key areas of business activity, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to remain operational in any situations and circumstances. At present, it is critical to ensure conditions for development of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia, to promote localisation of production activities and manufacturing of drugs using the full-cycle technology, and to create an environment beneficial for manufacturing of our own unique products.

To achieve these goals, the Russian pharmaceutical industry needs a close-knit professional community. For the last 24 years Pharmtech & Ingredients serves as a unique platform sparking new partnerships and inspiring key decisions. Impactful and rewarding live communication is still a privilege. And it is made possible at an event attended by industry specialists willing to discuss business. A visit to the Exposition means discussion of the industry’s current challenges, experience and knowledge sharing, establishment of contact with potential partners – industry leaders from Russia and abroad.

Exposition Showcase

In 2022, more than 260 companies from 18 countries (Russia, Germany, Italy, India, Vietnam, China, Brasil, Belarus, Switzerland, Czech Republic, etc.) confirmed their participation in the Exposition. Companies from China, Turkey and the UAE show great interest in the Russian market.

The event will feature industry leaders from Russia and abroad: IMA (Italy), Marchesini Group (Italy), Sartorius (Germany), ECI PACKAGING (USA), Sinopharmtech (China), Tofflon (China), Rolstech (Russia), OMAG (Italy), Catrosa (Spain), IMCoPharma (Czech Republic), Acticomp (Russia), PharmVILAR (Russia), Rettenmaier (Germany), Artlife Techno (Russia), IBC Nanotex (Russia), Lonza (Russia) and many more.

There are many new faces among the participants. 80+ companies take part in the Exposition for the first time. Among them:

Production and auxiliary equipment: Kexing Biopharm (China), Harbin Pharm Tech (Russia), Line-Link Purification (China), Tica Pro (Russia), etc.

Laboratory equipment: EXITON ANALYTIC (Russia), OLIL (Russia), Chemical Line (Russia), Helicon (Russia), etc.

Raw materials and ingredients: Endofar ilac (Turkiye), Zhejiang Bastone Technology (China), SIBUR (Russia), APOTHECA PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED (India), etc.

Packing equipment and materials: AFAQ Pharma (UAE), Yingcheng Hengtian Pharmaceutical Packaging (China), Belmedsteklo (Belarus), Neoprint (Russia), Druck Service (Belarus), etc.

This year, the Russian market is attracting many participants from India, including: Equitron Medica (laboratory and medical equipment), Sainor (ingredients), Humble Healthcare (ingredients), Prism Pharma Machinery (pharmaceutical equipment), Biozeen (ingredients), Schematic (pharmaceutical equipment), Anish Pharma (pharmaceutical equipment), SINGHANIA TABLETING (pharmaceutical equipment), Fablab Engineering (pharmaceutical equipment), HETERO (ingredients), etc.

Russian and international manufacturers and suppliers will present new equipment and report their progress for the previous year:

Petrochemical company Sibur, the leading Russian producer of polymers and rubber, will take part in the Exposition for the first time. The company has established its new Medicine function with intention to promote the use of the company’s products in such areas as manufacturing of medical products, pharmaceutical packaging and active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as personal hygiene products. The Medicine function team is currently focused on substituting imports of medical and pharmaceutical industry solutions.

Keno Pharma (China) will present new products that could address the challenge of reorienting the Russian pharmaceutical industry towards China – raw materials, substances, chemical products, high-tech equipment and devices.

AURORA plant, a major domestic manufacturer of packaging equipment, is expected to demonstrate AURORA NXT PHARMA, an innovational medicinal product filling equipment line.

AO Acticomp (Russia) will present to the visitors their active pharmaceutical substances. The company has been active on the pharmaceutical market for more than 15 years, and is continuously working on new proprietary developments.

The OriginalGroup Company will present the TraceWay hardware/software package designed for pharmaceutical products packaging labelling and aggregation.

At the Helicon Company booth, visitors will be able to browse laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables required for addressing scientific research and applied tasks in Life Science area. The company’s portfolio includes 40+ world brands, as well as its own products.

Representatives of the following major Russian drug manufacturers are expected to visit the Exposition: Skopinpharm, Valenta Pharm, Biocad, AO Generium, Binnopharm Group, R-Pharm, AO Pharmasyntez, ZAO Canonpharma Production, Pharmstandard, OOO OZON PHARM, AO Vertex, ZAO Sotex, OOO Fort, OOO SKOPINPHARM, OOO Groteks, OOO NPO Petrovax Pharm, AO PFK Renewal, OOO Nanolek, OOO Geropharm, Veropharm, Polysan, AO Nizhpharm, AO Akrikhin, AO Gedeon Richter-Rus, OOO KRKA-RUS, ZAO Berlin Pharma, Bayer, STADA, ZAO Evalar.

Business Program

Pharmtech & Ingredients 2022 Exposition will feature a three-day business program. All the events will be dedicated to topical issues of the industry.

The events will take place in two conference halls, where the visitors will have an opportunity to listen to expert reports and presentations, and take part in discussion sessions dedicated to the most relevant challenges the industry faced this year as part of the round tables and the PharmTechProm forum.

The "Foreign Business Activity of the Russian Pharmaceutical Industry in the Current Geopolitical Environment" plenary session will take place on the first day of the Exposition. There, representatives of state authorities, specialized organizations and pharmaceutical companies will share their opinions on drug export and import dynamics, change of vectors and formats of international cooperation and the effect of sanctions on the pharmaceutical industry. The session is co-organized by GxP News, with its Director General, Irina Novikova, serving as the session facilitator.

The round-table discussion “Is API production a business or a state necessity?” will be held on the same day. The production of substances requires the use of intermediates, which are practically not produced in our country, and it is not yet clear when, by whom and in what volume they will be produced. Commercial structures think of the market and its capacity. The state demands, convinces, stimulates. Time will tell what form the cooperation between the business and the state will take, and whether this form will be effective, but everyone understands that this issue cannot be postponed any longer. We will discuss the situation with the experts and hopefully come to some conclusions. Partner: OOO Reatorg

The "Cooperation of the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries – Maximizing Project Effectiveness" round table will pick up the agenda of the Expo’s first day. At this event we will shed a light on topical industry issues using the market’s lead players’ experience as a basis: how to work with domestic companies in the area of import substitution; main challenges and the ways to address them; pharmaceutical industry/science/universities consortium – what challenges we will face and why combine our efforts;substitution of imports of chemical raw materials and APIs – selection of projects and partners; technological independence in practice – compliance with GMP standards in the environment of sanction pressure. Partner: Roskhimreactiv Association.

On the 22nd of November, the Exposition’s visitors will be able to attend the presentation of innovational projects in the quality field delivered by short-listed participants of the GxP-PROFI 2022 Competition. The GxP-Profi competition is held by the Eurasian Academy of Good Practice jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and with the support of the Eurasian Economic Commission. The Competition is intended for selection of the best projects in the quality field and support the development and implementation of innovations associated with good practices. Partner: Eurasian Academy of Good Practice.

On the 23rd of November, the dietary supplement market will be discussed at the Exposition for the first time. The economic and geopolitical reality we are facing forced many foreign suppliers to exit the Russian market, including major players in the dietary supplement market. This environment of economic sanctions creates a vacant space on the market for domestic manufacturers of dietary supplements, both for already established and new companies. In the course of “Dietary Supplements Market in the New Economic Reality: Road from Production to End Customer. Safety Improvement Factors” we will discuss such issues as supply of dietary production facilities with raw materials, technologies and equipment, labelling, import substitution, search for unique formulas and ingredients, etc. Partners: The Association of Independent Pharmacies Self-Regulating Organization, the Alliance of Pharmaceutical Organizations, and the Union of Dietary Supplement Manufacturers Self-Regulating Organization.

The round-table discussion “Management of Construction of Pharmaceutical Production Facilities: Role of a Technical Customer” will be held on the same day. In many projects the EPC contractor is responsible for everything. The results may not meet even the Owner’s expectations, let alone regulatory requirements. Here we will discuss how to build a team and allocate responsibility for project implementation to reach the maximum efficiency. Partner: OOO Block.

The third day of the Exposition will feature the "Development of Industry’s Talent Capacity in Face of Geopolitical Challenges" panel discussion. The list of speakers include top managers of pharmaceutical companies, business unit leaders, HR managers and representatives of educational institutions and data analytics companies. Using open dialogue, the experts will share their opinions on the existing problems in the staffing area, speak of jobs and competencies currently in high demand in the pharmaceutical industry, and share talent development success stories. Partner: Eurasian Academy of Good Practice.

The Pharmtechprom Forum will take place on 23–24 November. This event is a traditional platform for presentation of innovations in the pharmaceutical production industry, and will feature four sessions this year. Specialists of Russian and foreign companies, including Tofflon, Shandong SMA Pharmatech, Sibur, DIA-M, Eco-Filter NPP, GK PHARMTECH, AO Promis, Artlife, Capsugel, the Aurora plant, Palladio BNM, Alpha-Lab, Heuft Eurasia and others will showcase new equipment, speak of pharmaceutical production processes and raw materials, auxiliary processes and packaging solutions for end products.

The business program events will be free of charge for holders of the Exposition tickets.

Official Support

In 2022, Pharmtech & Ingredients is supported by the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Producers, the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations, the Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals of the Republic of Armenia.

Also supported by:

  • GxP News, general information partner
  • Farmacevtichesky Vestnik (Pharmaceutical Herald), industry information partner
  • proGMP, Exposition partner