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Pharmtech & Ingredients 2023 took place over an area of 8,900 square metres for the first time since 2020. The exhibition featured 472 companies (vs. 269 in 2022) from 14 countries, including 240 first-timers. Manufacturers and suppliers from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, India, China, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Jordan and other countries displayed their products and proposals at their stands. There has been a notable rise in the number of participants from China. More than 200 Chinese companies presented their products on an area of over 2,000 square metres.

After a three-year break, a pavilion dedicated to India re-appeared at the exhibition. A total of more than 40 companies from India took part in Pharmtech & Ingredients this year. On the opening day, the exhibition welcomed Deputy Chief of Mission in the Embassy of India in Russia Mrs. Gina Uika and First Secretary for Economics and Trade of the Chinese Embassy in Russia Mr. Sun Yongjun.

The number of visitors in the four days of exhibition totaled 10,011 professionals (vs. 7,982 in 2022) from 69 regions of Russia (vs. 64 in 2022) and 38 countries (vs. 26 in 2022), including representatives of all EAEU Member States (Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan). It is 25 % up on the past year and a record-breaking figure in the history of the exhibition. The total number of companies visiting the exhibition amounted to 6,236 enterprises, which is also 25 % more vs. 2022. New visitors accounted for 55 % of all visitors: 5,454 professionals did not visit Pharmtech & Ingredients a year before.

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The qualitative composition of 2023 Exposition visitors remained consistently high. The share of key visitors was 88 % or 8,830 professionals (vs. 88 % or 6,993 in 2022), with 4,174 (42 %) of the guests visiting the exhibition in search for products and services for their business purposes (vs. 41 % in 2022). Decision-makers accounted for 67 % (vs. 68 % in 2022) and totalled 5,947 professionals. Over 2,460 visitors represented companies with procurement budgets from RUB 20 mln to more than RUB 50 mln.

The exhibition was attended by representatives of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers, including Stada, Sotex, Akrikhin, Biocad, Berlin Pharma, Biosintez, Biotech, Binnopharm Group, Valenta Pharm, Veropharm, Generium, Geropharm, Gedeon Richter-Rus, Canonpharma production, Scientific Production Association Microgen, Nanolek, Scientific Production Association Petrovax Pharm, Scientific and Technological Pharmaceutical Company Polysan, R-Pharm, Belmedpreparaty, SkopinFarm, Tathimpharm Preparations, Pharmasyntez-Nord, Pharmstandard, Evalar and many others.

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