Svetozar Pchelintsev

Technical Manager Pharma LLC IMCD Rus


Co-processing products are a trend in the production of excipients. The synergistic effect of the constituent components is a key feature of this type of product, it allows you to achieve greater functionality than a conventional physical mixture of the same substances. There are more and more co-processing aids, and some of them have already become "classics", such as silicified MCC.
IMCD is pleased to present to your attention jointly manufactured products based on MCC under the AVICEL® brand:
AVICEL SMCC 50/90 / HD 90 - silicified MCC, improves flowability, homogeneity and compressibility of the composition.
AVICEL CE-15 - MCC + guar gum, specially designed for making chewable tablets, has good compressibility and organoleptic qualities.
AVICEL HFE 102 - consisting of MCC (90%) and mannitol (10%), for formulations with poor flowability, compressibility, disintegration. Allows to obtain harder tablets with the same compression force.