Leonid Mikhalitsyn

Head of Bruker Detection department Bruker Ltd.


Operational quality control of raw materials and finished products at pharmaceutical companies is an important and necessary task. Modern Fourier IR and Raman spectrometers from Bruker allow you to quickly and efficiently perform qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Using the Raman spectrometer Bravo, it is possible to monitor each container place in the warehouse without opening the package. The Fourier IR spectrometer Alpha II makes it possible to solve the following tasks: confirmation of identity, purity control, determination of compliance with standards.
The analysis of contamination and distribution of components in the tablet can be carried out on the IR microscope LUMOS II. In addition to laboratory analysis, the Fourier method of near-infrared spectroscopy allows on-line analysis directly in the production process without taking a c sample using Matrix-F. Vibrational spectroscopy methods are extremely valuable for solving everyday problems in the laboratory and in production.