Andrey Katalevskiy

Manager of Technical Services & Business Development, Russia & CIS, Baltics Asahi Kasei Bioprocess Europe


Asahi Kasei Bioprocess is a global solution provider to biologics manufacturing industry. We aim to help biologics manufacturers safely and efficiently produce medicines that patients can trust, by dependably supplying innovative yet exceptionally reliable bioprocess consumables, equipment and scientific support services.

Asahi Kasei produces the virus removal filters Planova and microfilters BioOptimal. Filters Planova developed for removing viruses from plasma-derived proteins, recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, media.
BioOptimal MF-SL is a hollow fiber microfilter that utilizes an efficient filtration mechanism based on size exclusion and tangential flow filtration. These two aspects allow the filter to smoothly and effectively separate the contents of a solution.