Anna Tutnova

Head of department of quality control of pharmaceutical products in LAL and MAT LLC Algimed Techno


Monocyte activation test is (MAT) a new method for detection on full range of pyrogens in pharmaceuticals drugs and substances. The method is broadly used in Europe and included in Russian Pharmacopoeia since 2018. The method allows to refuse of using animals, has a higher sensitivity and a possibility of quantity assessment of pyrogens in parenterals in distinction from traditional RPT test. The method is based on the ability of human monocytes in the presence of pyrogens to produce the cytokines, including interleikin-6. A sample is incubated with the monocytes during 18-22 hours, then the quantity of produced interleukin is measured in ELISA and the quantity of pyrogens is measured on a calibration curve. This method allows to detect both bacterial endotoxins and non-endotoxin pyrogens.
Till the recent time there were no ready for use kits of reagents for MAT on reasonable price and with short delivery terms in Russia. Algimed Techno offers ready kits for this method as well as all necessary support and training.