Post show results 2020

Quick facts

Pharmtech & Ingredients 2020 saw participation of 181 companies. In addition to Russia exhibitors, manufacturers from 18 countries demonstrated their products and equipment. Companies from Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic and other cjuntries were represented by stands, while Swiss and German manufacturers traditionally arranged collective expositions.

The exposition of Pharmtech & Ingredients 2020 aroused keen interest among pharmaceutical industry professionals. In total, the exhibition was attended by 2,811 specialists from 57 regions of Russia and 13 countries of the world. The geography of visitors has been almost completely preserved (62 regions in 2019). The exhibition was attended by representatives of the EAEU countries (Belarus and Kazakhstan). At the same time, the number of key visitors in search for new products, services and suppliers increased up to 74% (compared to 72% in 2019). The number of decision makers amounted at 67% (63% in 2019), owners and managers at 33% (31% in 2019). Thus, the exhibition confirmed its international status, and the total number of visitors was compensated by their increased quality.Pharmtech & Ingredients 2020 was attended by representatives of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers: SkopinPharm, Valenta Pharm, BioCad, Generium, R-Pharm, PharmaSintez, PharmStandard, Sintez, NPO Petrovax Pharm, Nanolek, Geropharm, Veropharm, Polisan, Akrikhin, Biotek, Berlin Pharma, Bayer, STADA and others.