Exhibitor feedback

ARTLIFE - Techno

There aren’t many companies and events in our country which are resistant to external factors emerging in the economy and in the pharmaceutical market in particular. Pharmtech is one of such events. We thank the director of the exhibition, Natalya Vasilyeva, and the whole team of Pharmatech who from year to year, brilliantly create a world class event, leaving behind the scenes all the complexity and specificity of the Russian market. Just remember that we appreciate the high bar that you set in 1999 and still keep today!
— Yuriy Smirnov, General Director

Pharmamixt Ltd.

For Pharmamixt, the participation in the Pharmtech exhibition is an opportunity to meet leading specialists of pharmaceutical industry in a short period of time. Such meetings make it possible for us to work out our prognosis for the coming year, properly allocate efforts and adjust our plans.
Pharmtech & Ingredients is not just an exhibition, but a forum for discussions. All the world's leading suppliers of pharmaceutical technologies were present at this exhibition and this definitely gives them the occasion to get feedback from the users of the new technologies.
This year, Pharmamixt initiated a round table discussion on the topical issues of developing insulation technologies in the pharmaceutical industry. This event provided an opportunity to exchange experiences and possibilities to discuss questions related the development of technologies in the next couple of years.
Pharmtech & Ingredients is a platform that defines the trends in the development of the pharmaceutical industry for years to come. By participating in the exhibition, we become one of those who, in a way, get an opportunity to influence the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

— Nikolay Kodryanu , General Director


For over 12 years, our company, CJSC “PPC PharmVILAR,” has been participating in the Pharmtech & Ingredients exhibition. We would like to commend the professionalism of the organizers and thank them for the opportunity they present us with of showcasing a complete range of our products and services and meeting with numerous customers and partners. Pharmtech & Ingredients is an occasion we look forward to every year - very productive, eventful, and packed with positive emotions.

— Alexandra Voskoboinikova, Deputy General Director for Foreign Economic Activity, CJSC

Michael Kurako Ltd

Why is Pharmtech & Ingredients important to me? Because it is the only opportunity to gather everyone together: actual and future clients – consumers of equipment and technologies that we supply; partners, friends and colleagues. It is a friends’ meeting, an opportunity to exchange opinions and a source of additional information. I am sincerely thankful to ITE and personally – to Natalia Vassilieva for this opportunity. I hope that you will be prospering and developing steadily.
— Mikhael Kurako, CEO


An opportunity to meet many of our potential clients and partners, to know the latest industry news and to show our achievements every year makes of Pharmtech & Ingredients one of the key events for our company. We would like to highlight that the exhibition is wonderfully organised, has a rich business program and a big number of visitors.

— Georgy Khachiyan, CEO


Bosch Packaging Technology has been participating in Pharmtech Moscow for many years. Due to this long and consistent presence we are now considered as a valuable and reliant partner for our customers in the Russian and GUS area, even during difficult times.

For ourselves, Pharmtech Moscow offers ideal possibilities to both cultivate existing customer contacts and to gain new customers. It is a great platform to maintain as a key/major supplier: with our technologies we contribute to the medical supply of people significantly and therefore support the aims of the Russian pharmaceutical programme Pharma 2020. With our wide portfolio for the processing and packaging of liquid and solid pharmaceuticals, from the production of purified water to process technology, filling, inspection and sterilizing systems to secondary packaging and aggregation, we are ideally positioned to suit the Russian programme.

— Ralf Kretzschmar, 
 General Manager Pharmatec GmbH, A Bosch Packaging Technology Company


For FAVEA, Pharmtech & Ingredients is the year’s most established and vital marketing event. FAVEA representatives get the opportunity over a few busy days to hold meetings for existing projects, discuss potential contracts with new customers, and meet colleagues from the pharmaceutical industry. The format, venue and size of Pharmtech & Ingredients is perfect for FAVEA, as visiting other stands enables us to learn about the latest innovations on the market and the main development trends. The exhibition also allows us to hold numerous meetings with manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment – global industry leaders, to get a mass of useful information in one place. This reduces our need to visit individual manufacturing businesses in Europe and Asia. FAVEA’s main aim for Pharmtech & Ingredients 2015, embodied in the design of the stand, was to demonstrate its openness, friendliness, modernity, and desire to please all visitors and partners. Judging by the numerous responses garnered both during and after the exhibition, we did manage to achieve this goal. At the exhibition, FAVEA signed two contracts to plan new pharmaceutical production facilities. Another two-three agreements are due to be made by the end of January 2016.

— Maxim Khamet, Chairman of the board



We have exhibited at all past Pharmtech & Ingredients exhibitions. The exhibition this year was particularly good. We closed new contracts for ROLS-300 labelling machines, which we develop and produce in Russia. We presented the latest version of automation for superimposing labelling on ampoules and ROLS-300A cartridges and, thanks to the exhibition, we agreed on supplying these machines to customers.
— Vladimir Roisman, General director



Our company, the world leader in producing glass packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, has participated in Pharmtech and its business programme for many years. We are very satisfied with the event, which with good reason brings together real professionals from the Russian pharmaceutical market.

We are happy with the results of the exhibition, it allows us to meet our main partners, attract new clients, and contributes helps us disseminate information on our new products and services.

Thanks to the organisers for their meticulous preparation for Pharmtech, we will be exhibiting next year.

— Ekaterina Lysenko, Sales Manager for the CIS and Baltic Countries

Stilmas S.p.A.

We have extensive experience participating at trade exhibitions, seminars and conferences around the world and carefully consider them when planning the marketing budget. It stands to reason that we have participated in Pharmtech for over 10 years. Firstly, Pharmtech is a unique indicator of business activity in the industry. A few hundred companies present the latest pharmaceutical equipment and innovative technology for the pharmaceutical industry, helping companies to adjust their direction of development. Secondly, it is a wonderful platform for business communication in the pharmaceutical industry, not only to meet new partners, investors and potential clients. Thousands of enthusiasts are brought together in a convenient space, ideas and information are exchanged, and there is simply a good atmosphere created by a team of professionals — it is invaluable.

— Tatiana Orekhova, Regional Manager


HARKE Pharma GmbH

As for many companies, for us Pharmtech has become over the years the key exhibition in the pharmaceuticals area on the Russian market, providing an opportunity to maintain contacts and for new acquaintances and ideas to emerge.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the organisers for their thoughtful and warm attitude and professionalism.

— Yulia Shmyrova, Technical Manager