TT-Group finalizes construction and validation of clean room

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TT Group a long term partner of Constantia Flexibles in the segment of Pharma has completed the construction and validation of clean production of class “D” according to GMP standards.   Already today the printing process of blister lidding materials is carried out under conditions of GOST R ISO 14644 “Clean rooms and associated controlled environments”.  

All the working steps, starting incoming goods handling, slitting of raw materials, printing, rewinding and finally packing will be carried out in a clean area.

The raw materials are supplied to the clean room via a separate material lock and employees only can enter production through the employee lock incl. locker concept. An overpressure prevents the inflow of possibly particle-containing outside air. Thru the multiple exchange of air volume the concentration of the particles in the air are controlled. The finished goods will leave the clean area only after they are securely packed.

For those who are familiar with the production of blister lidding foil, may raise this reasonable question:

Why taking all these efforts of unpacking, slitting, printing, rewinding and packing the rolls in a clean area, while the raw materials itself are not produced in clean conditions?
“In our case the raw material itself is produced in the classified conditions. This happens at the enterprises of our long-time partner Constantia Flexibles - one of the largest enterprises in the world for the production of flexible packaging for pharmaceuticals.

Through this new investment in clean room we ensure stable production conditions. Our pharma customer have similar conditions and standards with us, as in their own production - this creates trust, while the ISO 15378 certification rounds off the overall clean room concept. TT Group pioneers as local leader in converting with this concept on the Russian flexible packaging market.