Pharmtechprom forum: Raw materials and ingredients for pharmaceutical production

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A first for Russia, the Pharmtechprom forum will see BASF present a scientific system for predicting formulations to help create technologically advanced medicines. The digital assistant will simplify and reduce the cost of the medicine development process, as well as minimise the risk of disruption. The event will be moderated by Sergey Skvortsov, Managing Director of Elementoororganika.

Alexandra Voskoboinikova, Deputy General Director of Foreign Economic Activities at FPK Farmvilar, will present a report on ‘Pharmaceutical ingredients: optimising production from the press to the coater’. The report will provide information to optimise the production process of solid dosage forms, reducing their cost and making life easier for production companies.

Olesya Vereshchagina, Raw Materials and Pharmaceutical Sales Manager at Kroda RUS, will speak on how to develop a formulation for liquid and soft medicines without impurities and stability issues.

The development of generic medicines, particularly solid medicines will also be covered by Renata Kashapova, Manager at pharmaceutical raw materials producer Merck & Co. Ms Kashapova will touch on the two opposing priorities technologists face: ensuring market demand (in terms of quality and/or price) and developing according to the copy-paste principle, as well as what tools are available for development engineers and production technologists to satisfy the market and development needs.

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