SHINVA will present new products at Pharmtech & Ingredients 2022

SHINVA Powder-liquid Double-chamber Injection Bag Production Technology

The ready-to-use powder-liquid double-chamber bag, as the highest-level achievement in the field of sterile intravenous injection products, uses non-PVC multi-layer co-extrusion film to pack medicine powder and injection solvent into two chambers of one bag. The two chambers are separated by specially made sealing strip. Before injection, operator only needs to squeeze the liquid chamber to break it through to the powder chamber, so that the medicine powder and the injection solvent are fully mixed and dissolved, and then the bag can be hung for injection.

The ready-to-use powder-liquid double-chamber bag project is a systematic project, not a simple upgrade of non-PVC bag. SHINVA devoted itself to technical research for over 10 years and paid numerous tests to finally develop the mature overall solution to fit for the huge market demand.

Product advantages:
  • easy to prepare for injection, no need to do it in dispensing medicines;
  • convenient to operate, no need to do puncturing and mixing medicines, so the mixing time for dispensing medicines is greatly shortened;
  • environment-friendly, only carbon dioxide and water are produced after the medical wastes are burned, no pollution to the environment;
  • especially suitable for emergency situations such as emergency rescue, disaster relief, field rescue and war.


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