Sympatec invites you to bring your own samples for particle analysis

At Pharmtech & Ingredients, the company presents new line of instruments for analysis

The booth will present modern size analyzers and particle shapes for granulometric analysis of any disperse systems (powders and granules, suspensions and emulsions, aerosols and sprays) from 0.5 nm to 34 mm.

HELOS laser instrument has become even more effective thanks to a new generation of dispersion systems for your powders and suspensions.

QICPIC / OM particle size and shape analyzer model for simple and rapid morphological analysis has been introduced. A new calculation algorithm allows to correlate with the widely used method of sieve analysis. QICPIC offers express results with the highest accuracy.

The updated NANOPHOX/R has become even more compact and universal due to a wide measurement range from 0.5 nm to 10,000 nm and product temperatures from 0 ° C to 90 ° C. This instrument is excellent for both research and routine quality control even for highly concentrated nanodispersions.

You ar welcome to test new Sympatec instruments in action using your own samples.

Sympatec — The Particle People!

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