The company will offer visitors a new approach to working with oils

Capsoil Technologies innovates the bioavailability of oil-based ingredients. The company’s R&D center and production capacities are located in Israel, and the management is carried out from the US office. The company has an extensive patent portfolio and collaborates with manufacturers of medicines, cosmetics, food, dietary supplements and other products.

Capsoil Technologies will take part in Pharmtech & Ingredients for the first time and will present its own oil-based raw material processing technology to the Russian market. Through physical processes, the droplets of oil are split into identical particles and enclosed in capsules of 150 nanometers in size. The resulting powder is not only quickly and efficiently absorbed by the human body due to a significant increase in surface area and a high concentration of oil, but it is also more convenient to use in manufacturing due to its high solubility and low requirements for storage conditions.

The company is interested in cooperation with large pharmaceutical producers wishing to integrate Capsoil technology in their manufacturing, as well as with developers of new innovative products in pharmacology and related fields.
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