Microfluidizer™ Processor Technology – A Revolution In High Pressure Homogenization

With Microfluidizer™ Processor technology, Microfluidics International Corporation has set new standards in the field of high pressure homogenization.

Microfluidizer™ high shear fluid processors are unique in their ability to achieve uniform particle size reduction, nanoemulsions, encapsulations and efficient cell disruption — enabling innovative companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, food and cosmetics industries to develop nano-based medicines, chemicals and consumer products that change the world.

The LM20Microfluidizer™ laboratory model will be on display at Pharmtech&Ingredients in Moscow. The machine is an electrically driven device for R&D, capable of processing the most challenging formulations.

Key applications include:

  • Stable nanoemulsions with uniform droplet size distributions
  • Encapsulations (liposomes and others)
  • Disruption (lysis) of all varieties of biological cells
  • Particle size reduction and formation of stable suspensions

Key features:

  • Process pressures up to 2068 bar
  • Sample size: 14 ml to liters
  • Limited sample temperature rise during processing and efficient cooling
  • Linear volumetric scale-up
  • Easy-to-use digital pressure control
  • Compact design that fits in a fume hood
  • Dependable performance over time with maintenance reminder and operator alerts
  • Adaptable to future possibilities with field upgradable firmware

To see the LM20 Microfluidizer™ and to learn more about how you can benefit from this innovative technology, please visit Booth No. B405 Pavilion 2, in Hall No. 8.We look forward to seeing you!