FreDrive-Lab, a brand new, patented breakthrough for laboratories at Pharmtech & Ingr

What the Solids Sector has long dreamed of...

One mill, stress-free milling processes, painless changeovers

FreDrive-Lab, a brand new, patented breakthrough for laboratories, has started a new era in milling: New levels of simplification, flexibility and multifunctionality — 5 heads on body. In the past one needed a conic or oscillating, sieve, hammer and pin mill in order to treat powder by breaking, milling, homogenizing, sieving and disagglomerating. Today, one device does it all.

One device with drive

Working with active ingredients, cosmetic products or food: the FreDrive-Lab is the ideal lab and scale-up device to develop and prepare products for production. It is the right choice for the smallest batches of 50 grams up to processing product volumes up to 30 kg/hour. An intuitive and easy-to-use HMI program with extended functions to set the milling process and mill process validation (recipes) is easy to use. The integrated dosing system in the HammerWitt Lab milling head offers an additional feature providing precise, constant material feed. The FreDrive-Lab can size reduce product down to a particle size of D90 < 10 μm. This system is the ultimate in scalability. Precise scale-up from the FreDrive-Lab to FreDrive-Production ensures that results can be precisely transferred between Laboratory and Production scale-up.

Last but not least: FreDrive Lab is of course compliant for 1/21 ATEX zones.

The way to go

Time is money. In pharmaceuticals it can mean a lot of money. Fast changeover from one milling process to another, low product loss through designs with no dead room, fast and thorough cleaning and a space-saving milling design all help to save money. This multifunctional system is the way to go. FreDrive offers simple changeovers from one production batch to the next... a must in a fast-changing marketplace.

A dream fulfilled

Believe it or not: The FreDrive-Lab is available here and now. You can see this miraculous device yourself at The PharmTech Moscow, à Moscow. We are in Pavillon 2, Hall 8 — B405. “We look forward to seeing you”