A series of publications with industry leaders

Views and forecasts, up to date data for successful planning of activities during and after the pandemic.

 Pharmtech & Ingredients team continues to prepare for the exhibition, stays сonnected with participants, visitors and industry experts and launches a special information product named "Expert opinion".

A series of publications with the expert opinions of industry leaders provides an exchange of views and forecasts, relevant data for successful planning of activities during and after the pandemic. It is a great opportunity to meet here and now by using all possible formats of communication in the context of the pandemic.

"In this current situation, it is important to keep doing your work, to team up with the industry providing the professional community with the opportunity to stay on top of the market business activity during the period of restrictive measures, to share positive experience and joint work results. Now the market is frozen waiting for future forecasts. Under the current situation, the one comes into possession of the information will be ready for new challenges. In conditions of isolation, when representatives of all sectors of the economy note the ongoing violations in the supply chains, changes in sales channels, revision of the pool of current partners, the exhibition will be a good opportunity to find answers to many questions, sum up and discuss prospects onsite, at unifying communication platform, which has been the exhibition Pharmtech & Ingredients for more than 20 years", noticed the  Event Director, Natalia Vasilyeva.

Read more at the exhibition web site in a series of publications with industry leaders - CEO of Bright Way, Reatorg, and Active Component companies.

Stay tuned for updates!