Aquaanalytic company will demonstrate a state-of-the-art water purification technolog

For the first time in Russia, the company LLC "Aquaanalytic" will represent a state-of-the-art water purification technology for laboratory applications designed by the leading German manufacturer Evoqua Water Technologies.

Using feed water from a tap the Ultra Clear TP TWF system produce water of the highest quality. Produced water characteristics exceed all reagent water quality standards including ASTM Type 1, CLSI and ISO 3696 Type 1. The system is cost-effective and reliable, that makes it the best solution for water conditioning and purification tasks. Most manufacturers of similar systems can not provide such functionality.

The system is equipped with a high resolution 7" touch-screen, that is displaying a detailed information about the operation process and provide a user with such information as water conductivity in µS/cm or water resistivity in MΩcm, temperature and a TOC level. A user can monitor values of the parameters after each stage of purification. It helps to control the purification process and make all the necessary settings quickly and easily. A user-friendly interface makes the device easy to use. An indication of the parameters allows monitoring a condition of each module of the system in order to perform maintenance in time and if it is necessary, replace only worn-out component but not the whole purification unit. Moreover, it is very simple to replace any of the modules and there is no need for qualified service staff to do this. This is a great advantage of the Ultra Clear system over those others systems represented at the Russian market. 

We shall be glad to see you at the stand № В523. Aquaanalytic managers are ready to communicate with visitors regarding all the services and products our company provides, discuss possible options for cooperation and answer all technical questions.